Lady Falcon Accepts

Men, women and couples

Couples are a big part of my bookings.  I can teach you how to dominate your partner or give you both a sound spanking.

If you are interested in having another slave, or dominant in a session, this must be scheduled in advance.

If you have a special request, it will be entertained but not always granted.  Sufficient notice must be given for any special request.

The Lady in Lady Falcon

Classy, intelligent, creative and always in control.  This is not new for me. The passion for men and their fantasies has kept me intrigued and amused my entire adult life.

I am very skilled in the art of sensual domination. I will tie you, tease you, and ultimately deny you.  If something more cruel and sadistic is what you are looking for, then you have found the right Mistress.  My skills with horse whips are something to experience. I will help you explore your fantasies, push your limits and discover your kinkier side.

You may express your interests to me, but in the end, it is I who will control our interactions.  Whether it is submitting to my tortures, humiliations and punishments or groveling at my precious feet, you will submit to my desires. And I will bring you to a place you have always longed to be, completely surrendered to me. 


As no sex will ever take place with Lady Falcon, please go elsewhere should you be looking for a prostitute.

Only a few new clients are accepted each quarter.  Clients are expected to be well groomed and eager to serve at my pleasure. 

No blood 

No scat

No piercing or branding

No drugs or illegal activities

Role Play

Cross dressing, total transformations, School Teacher/Student, Doctor/Patient, Mommy and naughty little boy, and pet play are just a few.


CBT, trampling, electro play, choking, nipple torture


You will tell me what I want, one way or another.


Jail Cell, cages, under the kitchen sink.  I have lots of places to lock you away for as long as I desire.


OTK, paddling, caning, flogging, smothering, face slapping, hair pulling, bondage, crops

Sensation Play

Heightening/stimulating the senses or depriving them completely. The two are usually combined for optimal results.  When one sense is inhibited, the other four are enhanced. This means teasing and tantalizing touch is that much more intense. Feathers, furs, ticklers, spiked gloves, temperature play, Waternberg Pinwheels and soo much more to make you squirm.

Chastity/Chastity Devices

Does your worthless little cock need to be locked up.  I can be your key holder.

Tribute  $250 Per Hour

Tribute $300 Per Hour  Couples